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It’s our people who make Bank of America what it is today. We realise the power of diversity and value all our differences — in thought, style, gender, culture, experience, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression. Thanks to our teammates, we are a stronger company.

At Bank of America, we strive to help all employees reach their full potential. Our support comes through in our values, policies and benefit programs, which have helped to create an inclusive environment where differences are welcome and respected.

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My approach would be to disclose [your disability] (when you feel comfortable to do so). There are so many benefits that will improve your working experience, from workplace adjustments to openness with colleagues – you get more out of work (and your employee gets more from you), when you’re able to be yourself.

Alex Wiggins is a Talent Acquisition Programme Manager with Sudden Sensory Hearing Loss Read Alex's full story here

Barclays is committed to being a disability confident organisation. Our objective is to become the most accessible and inclusive bank for all colleagues, customers and clients.

Barclays aims to be an employer of choice for talent. We are committed to providing the support that you may need to be successful at Barclays – be it equipment, flexible working, line manager support and vibrant colleague disability network, Reach. We run Disability Listening Groups, hosted by senior executives across the business; at these forums colleagues with disabilities meet with senior leaders to discuss opportunities for change to help make the working environment inclusive and accessible.

These days there are a lot of common adjustments that don’t even need a medical assessment. It’s about removing barriers so that people can be productive in the workplace.

Paul Smyth is Head of IT Accessibility

BlackRock’s purpose is to help more and more people experience financial well-being. As a global investment manager and a leading provider of financial technology, our clients—from grandparents, doctors, and teachers to large institutions—turn to us for the solutions they need when planning for their most important goals.

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Fidelity International offers investment solutions and retirement expertise to institutions, individuals and their advisers around the world. We bring together savings and pensions expertise with world-class investment choices – both our own and those of others – to help our clients build better financial futures.

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Fidelity is incredible. I honestly couldn’t fault them in their approach to disability.  I actually think the majority of my team don’t even know I am registered disabled as it doesn’t affect my work and therefore doesn’t affect them and this is due to the support I have had.

Sian Taylor is a Senior Sales Associate with Psoriatic Arthritis Read her full story here.

J.P. Morgan looks at the whole employee when they join the firm. We look first at what the individual can contribute to both our firm and clients.

The firm makes it clear that we want people for their intellectual capacity and talent and we will do everything we can to accommodate them in a reasonable manner.

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During my career with J.P. Morgan I have realized that it is only by being open that we step fully into who we are, and we inspire others to do the same. During the interview process the company will offer any assistance needed and will ask you far in advance what kind of support you would need to feel comfortable at every stage of the interview.

Andrey is an EMEA Relationship Manager Partner and he has a hearing impairment Read his case study

At Nomura our goal is to attract and develop exceptionally talented people who share our passion for individual excellence and our commitment to teamwork. In order to be innovative, productive and best in class, we understand that our workforce must be reflective of the communities in which we operate, as well as a diverse range of experiences, backgrounds and perspectives. That is why we look to attract, develop and retain a diverse workforce across Nomura and we aim to foster an inclusive culture where people can build their careers, feel a sense of belonging and be respected for the work they do.

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I was blown away by the firm’s response to me sharing my diagnoses. I was asked what accommodations could be made for me in the workplace, and HR and my line managers granted the suggestions made by my doctor through the Occupational Health team without hesitation. HR went further and sought a specialist provider to deliver training to my team so that my colleagues could understand how autism and ADHD is best supported in the workplace

Marianne Corbett is an Executive Director with Autism and ADHD Read her full story here